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What Are Classifieds Submitters?

September 29th, 2011

Classifieds Submitters Defined

Defined – All In One Submitters

September 29th, 2011

What are “all in one submitters”?

Welcome To Submitter Reviews!

September 29th, 2011

Thank you for stopping by today.


Submitter Reviews is all about reviewing all the different kinds of submitter software [both downloadable and browser based] available to help you promote your website and “get the word” out as fast as possible; while reaching as many people as possible. Bottom line; “submiters” are about saving you a lot of time and effort ; while still being affortable and doing the job right.


Automation – getting more done in less time so you can have time to enjoy life… and make some money too!


So with that said ; our reviews include information on the level of automation, effectiness, time saved, cost[s] and more. Each submitter is designed to reach a certain part of the internet ; and in many cases include tools and features to assist you.


Some important issues to keep in mind:


1] What you are promoting is just as important as where you promote it.


2] Seasonal issues may affect results .


3] BE PATIENT ; some tools take longer to operate that others and also some conditions are beyond said tool’s control – like how fast Google indexes your website[s].


4] Advertising is about repeating a message over and over again ; it takes 2-7 times before someone sees your message before they take action.


5] Good website / blog / etc design is vitally important to you turning the traffic you receive into the results you want to achieve.


6] More that one submitter will be required in most cases to reach the maximum amount of people for MINIMUM cost over time.


Now; with that said – all of the products and services listed at this site work – how well they work depends on the factors above and of course how often you use the tools and master them.


Onto the reviews now!